The Fate of Unsold Cars at Dealerships

There is a question in everyone’s mind. It regards all those displayed cars at dealerships. These cars look so brand new and sparkle with class and sophistication. Yet, there must be some or many that escape the fate of being sold to prospective buyers. Indeed there are.

So the question is, what happens to them in the first place?

How is space created for the novel vehicles?

For those wishful enough to think that dealers lend these cars to others for free, such is hardly the case. In a world ruled by economics, this is not possible. The truth is much different from giving away these cars free of cost. If this were the case, they would be up for grabs.

Many car dealers won’t let you in on a little bit of insider stuff. This is that car dealerships are franchise businesses. This signifies that they buy these spanking new cars from the original makers and sell them at a substantial profit.

Indeed, these cars belong solely to the dealers till the day they get sold. To return them to the manufacturers would be a fool’s errand. The thing is to sell them to the customers’ willy nilly. But how? Ah, now that is the question.

One of the easiest ways to get their money’s worth is to export the unsold cars to foreign markets where they will sell. This is because these cars are in high demand in those foreign markets.

This is all subject to the law of supply and demand. While these same cars may be sold to the highest bidder at an auction house, this is not a lucrative deal. The auction house asks for a specific fee in return for selling the cars, and this thus causes hurdles in raking in the resultant profits for the dealership. The brand new vehicles may also be loaned to customers who bring in their cars for services, dentistry, and painting.

A final and drastic method may be to simply put a different, maybe reduced, price on these old models and sell them off before bringing in the new cars. Thus everyone knows that the best time of the year to buy a car is in the fall season since dealers are looking forward to getting rid of last year’s models. They are literally in a hurry to revamp their dealership stores with new cars. Therefore all these things ought to be taken into account when buying a new car from a dealership.

Before you buy that car, the dealer is willing to sell at a throwaway price and do some research independently. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of some hoodwinking or bamboozlement. Also, choose to visit through an appointment. It shows you have self-worth and self-respect. Don’t forget to consider the little nitty-gritty details since they are the one’s that count. Finally, road-test the car before you buy it to be on the safe side.

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